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Satori Re-Life Recycled Skateboard Wheels 54mm 101A

Satori Re-Life Recycled Skateboard Wheels 54mm 101A

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Re-Life Wheels! Giving your wheels a second life! 


Satori's Re-Life wheels take old wheels, shave them down to a core, and then pour high quality urethane over that recycled core, resulting in a brand new wheel made with over 70% + Post-Consumer Urethane! Keeping wheels out of the landfill and making a radical high quality wheel!


*Shred Cycle recycles the urethane shreds from the these old wheels AND the manufacutring waste back into new products! Making the process complelety circular! 


*Ride and Performance are Guaranteed Satori Quality!


*Each wheel core has its own unique color due to upcycled nature.


Shred Cycle is stoked to partner with Satori to present their Re-Life Recycled Wheels! 

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