Born out of a passion project, SHRED CYCLE® is closing the loop on waste by transforming scrap plastic into circular materials, like our RESHRED™ Faux Leather, made from skate wheels!

As skateboarders and surfers ourselves, we knew that our community cared about the environment with its close roots to surfing and snowboarding, but most of the products we use are completely unsustainable. We knew we needed to start curbing our plastic use and protecting the beautiful places that allow us to do the things we love. 

So Founder and CEO, Jessie Frietze-Armenta started by launching the first-of-its-kind online, affordable wheel collection service out of her garage during grad school.  

Curious about more ways to recycle wheels, she began knocking on doors in the action sports industry. Soon, she found herself in the midst of our plastic waste crisis, taking on the challenge of how to recycle one of the most difficult plastics to recycle, urethane (what skateboarding wheels are made of). 

Driven by a mission to close the loop on waste in the outdoor industry, Shred Cycle is now developing and innovating processes to repurpose and transform scrap waste into circular recycled materials and create the infrastructure needed for a Circular Economy. 

We help brands hit their sustainability goals by providing circular materials for their products, and help companies with Zero Waste and end-of-life strategy.

We've partnered with companies like HYENA Skateboarding, REWILDER, LAPHINY, SKULLCANDY, Harper Collins, Etnies, GotSneakers, Moxi, Paper Water Bottle and nonprofits Bridge to Skate, Exposure, and Skate Like A Girl. 

Shred Cycle is a portfolio company of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and a graduate of the San Diego Sports Innovators Accelerator, and the LMU Business Incubator. 

We are here to create a lasting impact and inspire a Radically Sustainable world!