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Recycled Surfboard Roof Rack Pad

Recycled Surfboard Roof Rack Pad

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The first-of-its-kind circular surfboard roof rack pad, made with wheel waste! Created in collaboration with 3D knitting pioneer Variant 3D, the outer pad is made with recycled and circular polyester, made to order, limiting waste. The interior is made with 100% reclaimed waste from skateboard wheel manufacturing. We sought to create and design a product that would last, using completely recycled and circular materials. With each purchase, you're forging the path to truly close the loop on waste in action sports!


Comes with two pads!


Made with Transparency: 

100% Reclaimed and recycled materials made with reclaimed skate wheel waste - Interior 

100% Recycled Polyester Exterior 

Velcro attachment - Virgin Materials. We have been in conversation with Velcro to get more industrial eco and recycled options. These currently do not exist on the market*** but when they do we'll be the first to have'em! 

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